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Cobras and Coffee!

The garage was full of enthusiasts, owners, and gawkers descendent upon Panavia For the 2014 Cobras and Coffee event. More than a dozen cobras were on site for the event, as well as a variety of other automobiles; Corvettes, Daytonas, and the fabled GT 500 were all present for people to enjoy and discuss. Take a look through some images of the event below. For those of you who attended, thanks for making it a fun and memorable time.

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#54 at Carmel Mission Concours

at Carmel Mission Basilica 10599466_813327225367715_2078603483754237491_n 10455045_813326925367745_8714096736795379089_n 10584071_813327078701063_8525201836258654153_n 10479045_813326585367779_8470731988669600295_n 10615499_813326688701102_1360349580817121984_n 10552480_813326988701072_170183368636068756_n 10353189_813327178701053_4976406496404135260_n 10462722_813326955367742_7178291926901097847_n 10603601_813327142034390_405761749282241549_n 1549577_813326785367759_5537162603014192062_n 10435845_813326875367750_2919632614992934524_n

Schematics to a GT40

CT40 Schematic

Panavia; can start with a Blank Slate…

…and Build your Cobra – to your Spec. Photos are with a AC heritage trust car from some time ago -with gary paterson from ShelbyAC heritage trust car 1901483_746742618692843_8393338896628277280_n 1546221_746742538692851_6534011828098344741_n 1001959_746742608692844_8332735191235017728_n 10013616_746742605359511_7914430793723464027_n 10176086_746742488692856_1804223167376732712_n

AC heritage trust car