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You are invited! Christmas, Cobras and Coffee at Panavia!

Seasons Greetings; I would like to invite our ClubCobra.com & BACC crew to Panavia on Saturday, December 13th for an open house & coffee event !

We will have our Espresso Maker at full tilt with various baked breakfast items, we will be running the event from 9AM to 2PM, Rain or Shine ! of course our full staff will be there with various projects to show and tell, – a more defined list soon !

Watch for updates with more details.

Thank you – See you there !

you can always catch up on Facebook,


–Steve Wood, and the Panavia Crew.

Better rear end than Kim Kardashian

Lilly our Cobra has a better rear end than Kim Kardashian- #becauseracecar #kimkardashian #panavia54

Lilly's Butt

Monterey Car Week 2014

Thanks to Hillbank Motorsports for the images. (Click here)

Panavia at Mini Nats at Sonoma Raceway

Panavia at Mini Nats at Sonoma Raceway this weekend , Steve got to do check rides with Bob Bondurant ! #36 Daytona coupe was pace car for the main race!

2014 Mini-Nats, Sonpma Raceway 10257199_808260809207690_3950621221006496530_n 1743669_808260525874385_4792204990206498850_n 10527431_808260842541020_6946325217756924707_n 10302238_808260879207683_6314622377462060048_n 10534071_808260909207680_4808589995062330928_n 1458498_808260739207697_4568557625141985754_n 10577092_808260689207702_3836194566601972006_n 10562932_808260679207703_5249339555890651508_n 10172717_808260555874382_5682043206194942557_n 10418235_808260785874359_2440465068418712717_n 10292392_808260652541039_5637461679321551405_n 10580226_808260585874379_4071511760785920433_n 10411913_808260619207709_2729877263545944582_n 10345838_808260945874343_1674238152850837024_n

Lilly’s ready to head out to Nor Cal Shelby mini-nats.

Lilly int he Shop

289 cobra almost ready to fire up

289 cobra

Lilly Making Friends at Quail Lodge & Golf Club

Pete Brock and Lilly

Pete Brock and Lilly

Panavia; can start with a Blank Slate…

…and Build your Cobra – to your Spec. Photos are with a AC heritage trust car from some time ago -with gary paterson from ShelbyAC heritage trust car 1901483_746742618692843_8393338896628277280_n 1546221_746742538692851_6534011828098344741_n 1001959_746742608692844_8332735191235017728_n 10013616_746742605359511_7914430793723464027_n 10176086_746742488692856_1804223167376732712_n

AC heritage trust car