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Cobras and Coffee!

The garage was full of enthusiasts, owners, and gawkers descendent upon Panavia For the 2014 Cobras and Coffee event. More than a dozen cobras were on site for the event, as well as a variety of other automobiles; Corvettes, Daytonas, and the fabled GT 500 were all present for people to enjoy and discuss. Take a look through some images of the event below. For those of you who attended, thanks for making it a fun and memorable time.

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Mustang Day at Panavia!!!

Mustang Convertible Red

Panavia featured on Jay Leno’s Garage

As seen on Jay Leno’s Garage (NBC Video Link)

1999 Shelby Brock Daytona Coupe. Bruce Goldsmith takes Jay through the superformance car Pete Brock re-engineered in the style of the iconic ’60s original – kind of the new version of what might have been.

Courtesy of the Stills Photographer for Jay Leno

Courtesy of the Stills Photographer for Jay Leno


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