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Cobras and Coffee!

The garage was full of enthusiasts, owners, and gawkers descendent upon Panavia For the 2014 Cobras and Coffee event. More than a dozen cobras were on site for the event, as well as a variety of other automobiles; Corvettes, Daytonas, and the fabled GT 500 were all present for people to enjoy and discuss. Take a look through some images of the event below. For those of you who attended, thanks for making it a fun and memorable time.

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Welcome to Panavia

logo_bugPanavia is Silicon Valley’s premiere location for design, development, and restoration of custom and classic performance automobiles. We repair, rebuild, fabricate, and engineer solutions from scratch or to integrate into an existing system. We can customize a unique solution for your needs.

Our work has been featured internationally and has received numerous awards. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Thank you.

Mustang Day at Panavia!!!

Mustang Convertible Red

Panavia Presents ; WIDE-OPEN-WEDNESDAY! (WOW)

The tip of the week – THROTTLE Linkage! – of the many cars we see, one of the amazing things is that the throttle linkage can be poorly done. Even with a proper setup, it is set in such a way where when the pedal is to the floor , the carburetor or EFI body is not open all the way, reducing performance. — Come see your friends at Panavia for help!! – in the meantime , don’t let this be you – (Photo)

WOW Throttle Linkage

Coming Soon to Panavia!

An ERA MKI WIDE BODY GT-40 which will be up for sale soon, more photos and details to come!

ERA MKI WIDE BODY GT-40 10577067_801685796531858_5254556731919316190_n 10534070_801685656531872_1199265272385242481_n

Expanding Our Machine Shop



Extending our Machine Shop Capability!

Three-stage power down feed with auto stop, high precision Class 7 spindle bearings and the rugged stability of Meehanite® castings ensures you get everything you need from the JTM-1 and 2 models. The internally cooled spindle head prevents seizing, and JET precision engineering ensures superior results with all the features you’ve come to expect.

  • Meehanite casting
  • Precision bored and honed milling head
  • Large diameter quill is chromed
  • High precision Class 7 spindle bearings
  • Spindle head is internally cooled

Our friend and good customer Marc Willard with his Panavia swag!

Marc Willard