“We Make the American Dream Happen” – Excerpt from Steve Wood on Jay Leno’s Garage

Panavia is a small Automotive Engineering firm located in Campbell, California. Our team has been working with various sports cars for 20+ years.

We specialize in solving those intractable problems that have baffled others. We engineer, design and perfect your automobile based on your needs.

Customers come to Panavia for quality engineering. Our team works with you to custom craft the best solution for your car, based on detailed conversations. Panavia involves the customer in every step of the project from whiteboard to reality.

Custom Crafted Automobiles

  • From 289 Cobra,to Daytona Coupe, to GT40 or Sting Ray (Or Stingray) ; Panavia is *the place* to realize your dream
  • Preserve and protect the investment in your classic
  • All Stingrays , Mustangs, Bosses , Tigers , Vipers and Special Cars are welcome! “We Make the American Dream Happen”
  • For Replicas; Select your continuation car and have Panavia perform the install. We have worked with Superformance, Kirkham, Mid-States, Shell Valley, Johns Classics , AC (England) and others on Cobras, Daytona Coupes & GT40s
  • We specialize in retro/resto-mods, custom fabrication, and engineering to modernize all american classics
  • Revitalize your classic
  • Get out on the track!

Updates and Upgrades

  • Custom engines : from 200 to two thousand horsepower, Ford, Chevrolet & others
  • We are specialists in LS Crate Engine Conversions (LS2,LS3, LS7, LS9, LSA , E-Rod Engines) , vintage Ford FE 352-428, 289-351Ws
  • Shelby engine distribution; new engines ranging from 450 HP to 750 HP. Put a Shelby in your Shelby.
  • Updated cooling systems; make your cool-car “run cool” with custom built radiators, condensers, AC and fans
  • Air-conditioning systems; updates and complete overhaul
  • Disc brake upgrade and conversions; make your classic car stop as well as it can go
  • Transmissions and performance clutches; 5 and 6 speeds where there was a 4-speed before
  • “Vintage Air” AC systems installed
  • High performance custom fabrication services are available.
  • Electrical issues; Diagnosis and resolution
  • Electrical harness replacement; replacing the wiring harness is often the best ‘invisible’ update you can do for your classic to improve its running and reliability

Panavia Designed Products

  • High performance Shelby / Superformance (Brock) Daytona Coupe cooling systems
  • High performance Shelby / Superformance (Brock) Daytona Coupe AC systems
  • High performance Shelby / Superformance (Brock) Daytona Coupe steering systems
  • Updated Shelby / Superformance (Brock) Daytona Coupe fuel tanks
  • Shelby / Superformance (Brock) Daytona Coupe Brake Upgrades

Our Main goal is to insure that everything works, that the car is safe and predictable and that it drives well. We have been very successful in making previously untractible cars behave. If you want some good reading and history of Panavia’s technical advice then please review the following links.

(Google) Panavia Daytona
(Google) Panavia Cobra