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Panavia is a small Automotive Engineering firm located in Campbell, California.

Our team has been working with various vintage racing and sports cars for 20+ years. We specialize in solving those intractable problems that have baffled others. We engineer, design and perfect your automobile based on your needs.

Our top goal is to insure that absolutely everything on the car works, that the car is safe, predictable and that it drives well.

We have been very successful in making previously untractible cars behave well on Road & Track ! 

If you want some good reading and history of Panavia’s technical advice then please review the following links.

We will be providing more instructional posts in the future on our own site , to help our automotive friends.

You can find us under Facebook, as Steve Wood, and Panavia LLC – ~!


(Google) Panavia Daytona
(Google) Panavia Cobra

Several projects are currently in production at our facility. Use the “Projects” menu above to see what we are currently working on. If you are interested in a project of your own, contact us and arrange a visit.

We would be happy to discuss any plans you may have.