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Making dreams come true – one car at a time

Shop Pic 04-14


Club Cobra

Panavia; can start with a Blank Slate…

…and Build your Cobra – to your Spec. Photos are with a AC heritage trust car from some time ago -with gary paterson from ShelbyAC heritage trust car 1901483_746742618692843_8393338896628277280_n 1546221_746742538692851_6534011828098344741_n 1001959_746742608692844_8332735191235017728_n 10013616_746742605359511_7914430793723464027_n 10176086_746742488692856_1804223167376732712_n

AC heritage trust car

Building a customers 289 Roadster

With a dependable 5.0L roller-ized 302— 325HP in a 2200LB car!

10245529_742799569087148_1819651843_n289 Roadster 10155446_742799565753815_1988098888_n 10010573_742799582420480_864803579_o 1077085_742799562420482_1244566405_o

What Crate motor do you want in your next project >? we have ‘Top Men’ to help you design and install your next beast!

Raiders of the Lost Ark Crate

PANAVIA! – The only shop to have a McLaren Hydraulic Press

Not even Jay Leno has one…

McLaren Press 1921000_742773089089796_1351024320_o

Introducing Panavia’s Custom Dial Designs!

Custom gauges have arrived for Daytona #54! We will install them this next week. Carbon Fibre dash awaits!10009287_735964203104018_962334515_n

1941394_742050472495391_1762932799_o 10005856_742050349162070_15994862_o 1078859_742050265828745_1256299248_o