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Panavia Presents ; WIDE-OPEN-WEDNESDAY! (WOW)

The tip of the week – THROTTLE Linkage! – of the many cars we see, one of the amazing things is that the throttle linkage can be poorly done. Even with a proper setup, it is set in such a way where when the pedal is to the floor , the carburetor or EFI body is not open all the way, reducing performance. — Come see your friends at Panavia for help!! – in the meantime , don’t let this¬†be you – (Photo)

WOW Throttle Linkage

Coming Soon to Panavia!

An ERA MKI WIDE BODY GT-40 which will be up for sale soon, more photos and details to come!

ERA MKI WIDE BODY GT-40 10577067_801685796531858_5254556731919316190_n 10534070_801685656531872_1199265272385242481_n

400,000 views and still going strong!

I like Big Boxes and I cannot Lie!

From our friends at RBT


Schematics to a GT40

CT40 Schematic

How to keep your Oil Warmer, Cooler when its warmer. Ask Panavia HOW!

Oil Diagram

289 cobra almost ready to fire up

289 cobra